Feathers -n- Wood, LLC Let's get back to the basics.

Welcome to Feathers -n- Wood, LLC!

We are Andy, Sheryl and Wyatt Barnett.  In the last few years it has been harder and harder to find traditional archery supplies in Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri.  Because of this problem, we decided to start Feathers -n- Wood LLC, a supplier of traditional archery supplies, custom arrows and handmade leather products.  Andy makes all of our custom arrows and handmade leather products such as quivers and arm guards.

We thoroughly enjoy shooting our traditional bows and wood arrows.  Andy and Wyatt shoot recurves and Sheryl has a long bow.  The most enjoyable part of traditional archery though, is the people we have met over the years.  It is like one big family with one common thread - everyone enjoys shooting traditional equipment.

So browse our website and do it often as we will be adding items often as we begin this journey.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions as we are continually learning.  We want our store to provide what you need.

Thank you!
Andy, Sheryl & Wyatt
Feathers -n- Wood, LLC